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The old woman is not boring, though, I’ll grant her that. A fearsome old harridan, and not near as frail as she pretends.

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we lannisters do have a certain pride.

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Cate Blanchett by Robin Sellick - 1994

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People I admire [1/5]
               ~Gwendoline Christie

"I have never come across a character like Brienne of Tarth before… For me the idea of being able to play a part where we are able to make a judgement about whether we like or dislike a character based on the choices she makes, rather than the way that she looks, was really liberating and an opportunity that I was really grateful for."

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this dog brings me great joy and eternal peace 


this dog brings me great joy and eternal peace 

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"Yes, we slept together." [X]

"Yes, we slept together." [X]

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